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Flaxseed Pellets

Flax (linseed) pellets provide essential fatty acid, omega 3, protein, and fibre.

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Chamomile can be useful in calming the nervous horse.

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Cleavers helps to stimulate the lymphatic system.

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Pau d'Arco

This herb helps stimulate new cell growth and is helpful to treat many problems such as wounds, fungal infections, bacterial infections, anemia, al

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Allergy Blend

A blend of herbs to help promote a stonger immune system and improve the bodies ability to process and eliminate potential allergens.

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Vervain has the ability to calm horses.

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Super Coat

This is an all natural supplement to improve coat and hoof condition while providing a rich blend of vitamins and minerals essential for good

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Four Feet Hoof Food

Cracked and brittle hooves are common in many performance horses. Poor moisture retention combined with poor hoof growth are the main factors.

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White Willow Bark

White Willow is helpful for horses that suffer from rheumatism, arthritus, connective tissue inflammation, fevers, colic, cramp, and it can also be

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Valerian Root Cut

As a sedative, valerian works safely and gently to help calm nerves and promote physical relaxation without the presence of an altered state like y

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Ginkgo helps regulate the tone and elasticity of blood vessels, making them stronger and less susceptible to degenerative disease.

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Flex Equine

Vetpro 3 Horses Flex-Equine Plus is a nutriceutical (100% natural) supplement formulated for feeding to horses with impaired joint

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Aunty Janes Garlic Meal

Another of the well known Aunty Janes range.

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Laminitis Support Blend

For horse and ponies prone to laminitis this blend can be given prior and during the "danger period".

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Devils Claw

Devil’s Claw has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties especially in the musculo-skeletal system,  which  makes it helpful for

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This is an immune supporting herb that is also helpful for chronic viral and bacterial infections.

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Raspberry Leaf

Used to help strengthen and tone the uterine muscles, to assist with contractions during foaling, checking haemorrhage and encouraging cleansing of

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Chaste Tree Berries

This herb is mainly used to balance hormonal irregularities in mares.

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This is a conditioning herb that is a must for any horse who has lost condition due to climatic conditions, illness, or after a spell.

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Nettles help stimulate circulation and are therefore helpful for itchy, irritated skin. Because they are high in iron and vitamin C they

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Celery Seeds

Celery seeds can be beneficial for horses that are prone to tying up or have joint stiffness.

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Relax is a calming formula for horses containing tryptophan, magnesium, and vitamins E and B1.

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Equine Organic Chromium

Chromium supplementation increases the length of time a horse is able to sustain a maximal effort during competition. Chromium has also been s

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Equine Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant essential for preventing peroxidation of lipids within the cell membrane. As such, its role in maint

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B Boost Oral Paste

Available in 30ml syringes, these B group vitamins are essential 'for the conversion of chemical energy that 

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Muscle Max

Muscle Max is an antioxidant supplement that contains rice-bran oil.

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