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Compositi Matrix Toe Cage

Strong, durable toe cage that incorporates a stirrup tread.

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PVD Knife edge Stirrup irons

These elegant Knife Edge Irons are made from Stainless Steel with hard wearing Titanium plating in a choice of on-trend colours.

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Compositi Reflex Stirrups

These stirrups are made from one of the toughest high-tech polymers produced by DuPont.

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Compositi Ellipse Spiked Irons

The Ellipse Stirrup from Compositi is the newest member of their Professional Series.

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Compositi Ellipse Comfort Irons

The Ellipse Stirrup from Compositi is the newest member of their Professional Series.

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Nickel Plated Safety Irons

Most often referred to as Safety Irons, but sometimes also known as "Australian Simplex" Safety Irons.

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4 Bar Stirrup Irons

This style of stirrup is popular for stock riding.

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Stirrup Irons Nickel Plated

This style of stirrup may also be referred to as a Plain or English Hunting Iron .

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Flexible Fillis Stirrup Irons

A quality stainless steel iron iwth flexi hinged sides.

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Knife Edge Stainless Steel Irons

A quality stainless steel iron with treads.

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Compositi Premium Stirrups

Described by Compositi as a "designer" stirrup, made with innovative materials that make it even more effective and comfortable.

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Korsteel 2 bar Irons

Korsteel two bar irons made from stainless steel.
Only available in 5 inch.

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Stirrup Irons 2 bar

These 2 Bar Stainless Steel Stirrup Irons are made from top quality durable non-rust stainless Steel.

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Toe Cages: Korsteel Polymer

A black polycarbonate toe cage, with tread, that fits onto a standard stirrup iron designed to prevent the foot from slipping right through the sti

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